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I've been a ham radio operator for ten years during which time I have tried to live up to the amateur spirit by experimenting and exploring many arears. I've dabbled in fast scan, Sigmatic (underground) transceiving , project construction and other areas.My main areas of interest focuses on SSTV and Antenna design & building.

The SKYHOPPER is my own design for vhf based on the hf up&over,over&down wire antenna.

Click on the image to view full size. The antenna operates like a stacked pair. It is a vertical array but works horizontally too. Close to the ground, just turn it upside down and it maintains a good match. The first contact on 2 meters ssb was over 200 miles while laying upside down on a picnic table. The dimensions are also very forgiving but you must let the coax hang down at an angle from the corner and also make a balun of 6 or more 6 inch turns out of the feed coax.Just bolt the verticals to the horizontal elements with one insulator at the driven

You may.View.the basic program

QUADS My speciality. Currently I have a dual band homebuilt Quad atop a 70 ft tower. It has 5 elements for 6 meters and 21 for 2 meters. The boom goes thru an Alliance U-100 rotator that allows the antenna to roll over from vertical to horizontal polarization.

You may.View.the basic program

This program was developed using information based on research by W3GNR and contains variables for wire size and number of elements. This is not found in other basic quad programs!

I learned Windows VB just so you could have these programs. I left the basic programs so you may see how the antennas are calculated and allow you to modify them for personal use. They are Freeware but if you find them usefull, a few bucks thanks would be appreciated. If not, still drop me an e-mail with your comments and results of finished antennas. The programs require certain updated dlls like msvbm60.dll. SAVE DOWNLOAD TIME. If your computer is up to date, just download the small exe files. IF not, DOWNLOAD THE FULL QUAD PROGRAM to update your dll library then all other small exe files may be downloaded.

QUAD99 .............advanced quad design........quad99 exe only

SKYHOPPER a stacked array..........sky99 exe only

COAXIAL DIPOLE kept secret........coaxdpl exe only

DISCONE DESIGN .....hf to uhf & more........discone exe only

Single & multiband J-Pole.....

IF the downloads refuse to work, please try my main site:

SSTV.There are so many good sights for sstv but you must visit version of an sstv interface board for a pc.I have made a few changes that improve the performance of the board. Connection to the xmt is usually recommended thru a 1:1 transformer that by its nature produces distortions. The 5 volts from the computer must be dropped as most mic circuits run on microvolts.The diodes completely block the mic circuit from the computer when not used and also drop the computer voltage by 1/2 volt. A 5k pot is usually large enough to not short the mic circuit and allows you to adjust the computer voltage to the mic circuit (you may use larger ohms if required). The most important change is the replacement of the 741 general purpose opamp with a CA3140E chip. The chip has much better specs and better antialiasing to xmit a cleaner signal with better signal/noise ratio. Try a test, switch between a 741 and ca3140e while transceiving and compare the difference at the receivers end!

click on image for full size

best distance over 15000 kilometers

......USA & CANADA

....Local 2 meter FM

..Drive your sstv friends crazy with this one

ELMER--- Got antenna questions. E-mail me and I'll try to help. Usually I can get back to you in a couple of days.

73 de VE3SQB

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